Sunday, February 17, 2008

Added scene in Persuasion 2007 American broadcast

After the recent uproar over the fact that we're getting edited versions of the new Austen adaptations on Masterpiece Theatre (I refuse to call it "Masterpiece"), I thought it very strange indeed to discover that we Americans actually got a scene in our broadcast that was not included in the British broadcast.

During the scenes at Lyme, after Anne and Captain Harville discuss Captain Benwick's ability to get over his recent loss, the PBS broadcast edits out a one minute and 20 minute sequence in which Captain Wentworth steals a couple of quick glances at Anne ("Not looking at her. Seriously, I'm not looking at her.") and then the group passes Mr Elliot on the stairs leading up to the top of the Cobb with Mr Elliot taking a fancy toward Anne and Captain Wentworth being taken aback by the fact that another man fancies Anne.

In the American broadcast, the scene switches from Anne and Captain Harville's conversation to a shot of waves to a shot of Anne standing on the Cobb looking out at the sea and then into the camera. It then picks up with the British version showing Anne in front of the mirror at the inn.

The added scenes total about 20 seconds and were probably included to help transition the musical cues, but still, it would have been far better had the original scenes not been edited out at all. I just find it rather ironic that after all the scenes that were taken out, they decided to add some in for us.

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