Sunday, January 13, 2008

Austen Geek: An Introduction

I have a confession to make, one in which I am not ashamed to proclaim. I am a Jane Austen geek.

Twelve years ago, almost to the very day, I saw "Sense and Sensibility" starring Emma Thompson in the movie theatres. I had heard the name Jane Austen before that and I was aware she written a book called Pride and Prejudice, but I had somehow confused it in my mind with War and Peace and thought P&P was all about Russian balls.

"Sense and Sensibility" changed my life. Not only did it introduce me to the work of Jane Austen, but it also truly opened up the world of costume dramas to me. I eagerly watched each new adaptation that came out in the 90s, and by the time I entered college and had read most of Austen's work, I was something of an amateur Austen scholar. Albeit, a rather strange one. Case in point, I once wrote a paper in which I attempted to compare Mr. Darcy to Superman. (Yes, I know.)

I completely embrace my Jane Austen obsession. I've been to Chawton. I've bought the tea towl. And yes, I own the action figure. So I figured it was time to do the only healthy thing and start a blog.

With the premiere of "The Complete Jane Austen" on Masterpiece Theatre tonight, an event I've been eagerly awaiting since they first announced the new adaptations, I thought it only fitting, that I begin to chronicle my love for all things Austen on the internets. Jane Austen adaptations will play a large role in this blog, but I also intend to talk about the many other costume dramas I love and look forward to(Bronte, Gaskell, Dickens, etc), the books I'm reading, and from time to time, my irrational love for "Doctor Who."

And for the record, I hated "Becoming Jane." But that should come as no real surprise.

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ibmiller said...

Yayness. I hate Becoming Jane on principle, but haven't seen it in it's entirety (I watched the first five minutes and was utterly disgusted).